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  Home Website Management Take Command of Your Website with Easy Website Editing
We've paid special attention to give business owners a simple way to edit their website. In fact, if you can use a word processor,
you can edit your own website - without a programmer or any special tools.
Main Features

Make Quick Changes with Sitewalk
Sitewalk is an easy-to-use application that allows you
to edit your site. You can change images, fonts and even HTML code if you want

Create Any Kind of Content
Creating pages, blogs, forums, stores, products, menus and other kinds of content has never been easier.
Modular Layouts are 100% Customizable
Our easy Layout system allows you to control the layout of your eCommerce store, your blog, forums and more. You can move, add and remove elements from any of your layouts to make your site, shop, blog or forum truly yours.


Search Engine Friendly
Customers will be able to find your business on Google, Yahoo! and Live. And, goodbusiness automatically sends updates to all the major search engines every time you update content or add a product to your store.
Full Website Features
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  Home eCommerce                Sell Products, Manage Inventory, and Collect Payments
You can sell any product you like, complete with inventory management, product attributes, and size and weight for shipping. You can also
upload eProducts and charge for downloads, limit download location and more.
Main Features


Sell Anything, Even Downloadable eProducts
Sell any product you like, complete with inventory management, product attributes, and size and weight for shipping. You can also upload eProducts and charge for downloads.


Order Management Integrated with CRM
Every order created is linked to a customer record in your built-in goodbusiness CRM so you can keep a complete history of customer orders, offer customer loyalty bonuses and run email marketing campaigns.


Search Engine Friendly eCommerce for SEO
We've put special effort into making sure you can get found, so your goodbusiness store automatically generates a Google Sitemaps XML file.
Powerful Analytics, Ready to Go
Access built-in reports on cart abandonment, product popularity, order volume and more, so that you can analyze and understand how your eCommerce store is performing.
Full eCommerce Features
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  Home CRM           Better Customer Service with Built-In CRM
Our simple CRM is built in and integrated with all of goodbusiness’ features, enabling you to provide better service for your customers.
Main Features


A Live Feed of Customers' Actions
goodbusiness gives you a central view of your customer activities. Track eCommerce orders, blog comments, forum posts, contact forums, member zone activity, and email marketing.


Build Custom Forms and Capture Leads
You can build your own custom web forms with a few clicks. Every form you build is integrated into the CRM - when submitted, a case is created for follow up and your leads are captured safely in a customer database.

Centrally Manage Cases, Orders and More
Once a customer registers their email address, a customer record is created for them. From there, you can give them access to secure member areas, manage their store orders and modify their email marketing subscriptions

Impress Customers With Workflows
Automate your processes and get back to your customers fast. Build multi-step workflows to notify the team of new web form submissions or orders.  Implementing a good system to keep track of your resources like a resource management system at www.netsuite.com is a great way to monitor your business along with good CRM software.

    Full CRM Features
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  Home Email Marketing Drive Repeat Sales with Email Marketing
Email marketing is a powerful tool to reach your customers and bring them back to your website or online store. With goodbusiness’ simple CRM automatically building your database in the background, you can create lists and send newsletters with ease.
Main Features


Send 10,000 Emails a Month
You can create unlimited campaigns and send up to 10,000 email newsletters a month for every plan. With extra emails only costing 1 cent an email, it’s easy to keep yourself top of mind with your customers.


Professional Email Newsletter Templates
Choose from hundreds of professional templates or design your own, and send them in just a few clicks to the people of your choosing. Simply set a date and a time, and click Save and Send - it's simple!

Build Highly Targeted Lists
Extract targeted lists from your built-in CRM, based on past orders, web form responses, forum membership and more. You can also hand-roll lists by individually adding customers in your database to your lists.


Round Trip Reporting
You need to know more than open rates and click throughs. goodbusiness tracks the actions your customers take after they click, so you can measure the real effectiveness of your email campaigns.
Full Email Marketing Features
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  Home Analytics & Reporting Understand your Business Better with Powerful Analytics
Business decisions should never be made blindly. That's why we've built in powerful reporting functions for every aspect of your business
- from your website to your online store, your email marketing to your lead management.
Main Features


No Codes to Add, No Extra Effort
Many analytics packages require you to add complex codes to all your pages and shopping cart. Now you don't have to - all the powerful reporting functionality that every business needs is right here, ready to go.


A Bird's Eye View When You Log In
We've prepared a dashboard that gives you a bird’s eye view of your online business. With key metrics and charts, plus your live feed of customer activity, it's easy to hear the heartbeat of your online business.

Analyze Your Online Business Performance
Pageviews and unique visitors are just the beginning. goodbusiness tells you your top performing pages, most popular products, sales and order volumes, newsletter subscription losses and gains, web form submission volume, and more.


Generate eCommerce and Customer Reports
You can slice and dice your data however you like to monitor your site's performance. You can then save and export your reports for further analysis in your spreadsheet program.
      Full Analytics & Reporting Features
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