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Welcome to goodbusiness Support. As a paying customer you'll receive world-class tech support from our team. You can get support through our useful video tutorials, our ever-growing online business wiki, and, if you can’t find the answer there, we offer email support as well.

goodbusiness Wiki

You have access to our online documentation and knowledge base 24/7/365. Use this to quickly answer any questions you may have. This Wiki is your one-stop-reference for all your goodbusiness training and help materials. It’s organized into a 'New Users Training' and a 'Reference Articles' section.

Video Tutorials

General Videos

Complete Video Tour
In this video, you'll learn about effective online strategies and how you can apply them in your online business for maximum results. You'll get a complete overview of the system's functionality, so you'll better understand how it works and how you can be successful online with us.

System Orientation & Introduction
In this introductory video you'll get a quick introduction to the system, including the basics like how to log in, how to get help and generally how to find your way around. You'll also learn how to do some of the basic tasks needed to run your online business - like editing a web page. Recommended for beginners.

Website Related Videos

Using Sitewalk
This video covers how to use Sitewalk to quickly and easily make changes to your site.

Creating and Adding Web Pages
In this video tutorial, we go through how to add a new web page to your site. We cover web page creation, and how to link those pages into your navigation menus.

Dynamic Menus and Navigation
Here we discuss how to create and manage a dynamic menu, which is usually the main method of navigation throughout your site. You'll see how to change menu structure add new menu items, as well as how to link to different types of pages and content.

Blogs Overview
This video discusses creating a blog and adding it to your site. We cover how to post and how to link to your blog from your pages. You'll also learn how you can customize your blog to look exactly how you want it to look.

Using the WYSIWYG Editor
Here we cover the online editor in detail. You'll learn how to find your way around the editor, how to set page titles, cutting and pasting from other programs, inserting images and links, and more.

Using and Creating Site-Wide Templates
In this video you'll get an introduction to templates in the system. Learn why you should use templates, what they are, how they work, and how to create them yourself.

Module Related Videos

Capturing Leads with Web Forms
In this video we cover how to create and modify web forms. You'll learn how to replace an existing webform with an updated version, and how to view your web form submissions that have been captured in your built in customer database.

eCommerce Related Videos

A Comprehensive Overview of eCommerce Functionality
After watching this video you'll have a better understanding of the power and range of features available to you to set up your online shop to sell your products. You'll see how catalogues and products work together and how to add new products to your shop.

Setting Up Shipping Options
In this video you'll learn about our flexible shipping options capabilities. We'll take you through how you can define your own shipping options in your shopping cart so that you can charge your own custom shipping fees to suit your business.

Email Marketing Related Videos

Using Email Marketing Campaigns
In this video you'll get a quick overview of how to use the system's email marketing capabilities. You'll see how to create both once-off campaigns and loyalty campaigns, to get your clients coming back to your online business again and again!

Using Lists for Targeted Email Marketing
In this video you'll learn what Lists are and how to manage them for effective email marketing.

Customer Related Videos

Customer Database Overview
In this overview video, you'll learn how customer records work in the system. You'll understand how to work with customer data, and how to create specific customer reports to segment your customer database.

Administration Related Videos

Managing Users & Roles
In this video you'll learn what users and roles are and how they work together. You'll also see how to add users and how to configure roles correctly.

Adding your Domain Name
In this tutorial you'll learn what you need to do on our side to set the system to use your own domain name, such as yourcompany.com. Remember there are steps to be taken external to this system though!

Using Workflows
Here we explain what a workflow is and how you can use them as a valuable customer service tool. You'll learn how to manually trigger workflows, how to create and modify a workflow, and how to notify external parties and customers as part of a workflow. We'll also cover workflows for online shop orders and more.

Import Data
In this video you'll learn about the importing features of this system. You'll understand how to setup your import file so you can easily and quickly import information specific to your company into this system.

Using Categories
In this video you'll learn about Categories, which are used to help organize your site content via classification. (Please note, these are unrelated to Catalogs in your online shop.)

Adobe Dreawmweaver Related Videos

Using Triangle Inside Dreamweaver to Manage Your Online Business
This training video will take you through how you can use Triangle inside Adobe Dreamweaver to build your online business. You'll see how Triangle interacts with the system, and how it fits in with FTP and the web admin, while learning how to modify pages and add modules to them.

Email Support

If you need to ask a specific question not covered in the wiki or video tutorials, the goodbusiness team is here to help. Simply fill out the Support Form and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Technical Information

You're in good hands. Here's why:

• We have server farms in North America, the Asia Pacific and Europe. We use iPrimus (NASDAQ: PRTL) and NTT Docomo (NASDAQ: DCM).

• We've got back ups and redundancies and power generators in place to make sure we're ready for anything.

• All our system engineers are on call if anything needs their attention.

• We're PCI compliant.

• All of our Data Centers are located in Tier 4 Data Centre facilities. This means that all of the facilities that house our servers have:

• multiple cooling and power distribution paths for stable systems
• multiple active power distribution paths to prevent down time from blackouts
• redundant components for fault tolerance
• 99.995% Uptime for connectivity and power into our machines

• All of our Data Center facilities are connected to the net via Tier 1 networks, or have peering arrangements with Tier 1 networks. This means that our servers are essentially hooked in to the "backbone" of the internet, which generally results in higher network speeds and lower latency from your customer's browser to our servers.

About Triangle

What is Triangle?
Triangle is an Adobe Dreamweaver Extension for goodbusiness that helps you work the way you want to - using Dreamweaver. Why did we call it Triangle? goodbusiness is the third tool, along with Photoshop and Dreamweaver, that helps people who build websites get their jobs done. As a Dreamweaver extension, it slots right into your Dreamweaver workspace (on both Mac and PC). Then as long as you've got a net connection, you'll have instant access to your goodbusiness site and its features.

What does this mean for you?
The editing flexibility and power of Dreamweaver together with goodbusiness’ awesome functionality is a truly winning combination. Not only can you work like you want to with your favorite web design tool, you can also add valuable business functionality at the click of a button.

System Requirements
On Mac Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4
On Windows Dreamweaver v8, CS3 and CS4

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